Are APK Files Safe to Install on Your Android?

Purely technically speaking you could install an .apk file directly from the Google Play App Store and still get malware on your Android phone. Google always kicks off apps from their App Store when they find certain vulnerabilities or malware injected apps but sometimes even they can’t keep up with every app developer.

But that is significantly more rare than if you download a random .apk file from some sketchy website.

Source Verification

The official app store (Google Play) has some pretty good security measures in place to scan apps for malware.

Third party stores and random websites don’t always have any security checks, so the risk of malware infested APKs is so much higher.


If you still really want to install an APK file from outside of the Google store at least don’t give any permissions that the app requests. For example if you’re trying to install an APK game but it asks for your camera or access to manage your files don’t do it. You’re risking too much.

Think of whether the app is asking for permissions that don’t align with the functionality of the app.

The Burner Phone Trick

Another trick that you can use if you absolutely want to use an APK file from outside the Play Store is to install the app on a burner phone. Wipe one of your older phones entirely and then if the app ends up being hacked it won’t be able to steal your banking info or other personal stuff like drivers license pictures and stuff like that.

To add another layer of security on top of it, install a VPN on the burner phone before you install the .apk file and keep it turned on for the whole time you have the app installed. That way if the app has some tracking code based on your IP, it won’t actually give the hacker a real IP address of your neighborhood. Obviously you should also not allow tracking permissions for the app.

Developer Reputation

Look for the app developer’s reputation before installing the APK. Even sketchier APK developers from outside of the Play Store have some sort of reputation that they built up and you can quickly find it if you look up their name on forums or Google. If there are reports of people who got hacked after installing an APK from that particular developer then you should probably steer clear.

Find user reviews and ratings about their apps and look for subtle clues like fake reviews or review stuffing.

Digital Signatures

Most legitimate APKs are digitally signed by developers.

This signature helps verify the app’s source and that it hasn’t been messed with.

Malware Risks

A lot of APKs around on the web have spyware, ransomware and other harmful code. Think about it, the incentives that these people have to offer you the APK app outside of the Play Store aren’t always based on a legit feeling of trying to help you. Sometimes hackers hide their true intentions by just offering you a “free game” as a form of bait.

These people can steal your personal data, try to display ads everywhere on your device to turn your Android into an ad piggy bank or even run a crypto miner in the background off of your phone.

System Vulnerabilities

Installing APKs from unknown sources can potentially exploit system vulnerabilities, especially if you don’t own one of the newer Google phones that patch security issues every month. So this is super risky if your phone has an old version of Android.

Legal and Ethical Problems

Many APKs distribute copyrighted material illegally. If you’re trying to get a “Free” game but you can find that game on the Play Store for $5 then you’re likely just breaking copyright and piracy laws.

Constantly using APKs of software that is not open source and free will have legal consequences at some point.

Legitimate Reasons for Installing an APK

Yes, there are many legitimate reasons you might want to install an app from outside the Play Store. APKs for example are always used to install apps that are not available in certain regions on Google Play.

While this and many other reasons are legitimate, they still carry increased risks compared to official store downloads.

Antivirus and Security Tools

Use mobile security apps to scan APKs before installing them. Hopefully if there is some known virus code inside of them the antivirus can alert you beforehand.

Backup and Recovery

If you don’t want to use a burner phone like I suggested before, always back up your device before installing APKs from unknown sources. This at least lets you restore your system if something goes wrong.

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