Are Lenovo Laptops TSA Approved?

Yes, Lenovo laptops are TSA approved for flights within and departing from the USA.

Laptops and the TSA

Electronics Welcome: The TSA explicitly allows laptops in both carry on bags and checked luggage. There’s no restriction on brand or model.

Separate Screening: During security you’ll need to take your Lenovo laptop out of its bag and put it in a dedicated bin for X-ray scanning unless you have TSA PreCheck.

Checked Bag Caution: While you can technically check your laptop, this has higher risks of damage, theft or loss so I recommended you to keep it with you in carry on luggage.

Very Rare Exceptions

Battery Recalls: In extremely rare cases, specific laptop models (including Lenovo) might be temporarily restricted due to faulty batteries that pose a fire risk. Checking the FAA’s PackSafe website ( before flying is a good practice.

Severe Damage: If your Lenovo laptop has major physical damage (like a shattered screen), TSA might give it extra attention but shouldn’t prevent you from taking it on the plane.

Travel Tips for a Smooth TSA Experience With Your Lenovo Laptop

Easy Access: Pack your laptop where you can quickly remove it at the security checkpoint.

Charged is Best: A powered on Lenovo is easier for the TSA to verify. Having it completely dead could lead to slightly more questions because they can suspect you’re carrying a dummy laptop.

Lose the Bulky Case: Remove any thick case before sending your laptop through the X-ray machine.

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