Are MacBooks TSA Approved?

Yes, MacBooks are TSA approved for both carry on and checked luggage.

TSA Regulations and Laptops

Electronics Are Allowed: Laptops and MacBooks are explicitly permitted on flights within and departing from the USA. There are no restrictions based on brand or operating system.

Screening: You’ll be asked to remove your MacBook from its bag and place it in a separate bin for X-ray screening during security checks unless you have TSA PreCheck.

Checked Luggage: While allowed, you should probably keep your MacBook in your carry on luggage to minimize the risk of damage or theft in checked bags.

Rare Exceptions

Battery Recalls: Very rarely, specific models of laptops (including MacBooks) might be temporarily banned due to battery safety recalls. You can check the FAA’s PackSafe website ( before traveling.

Extreme Damage: If your MacBook sustains severe physical damage (cracked screen, major dents), TSA agents might subject it to extra inspection but they’re unlikely to prevent you from carrying it onboard.

Tips for Smooth TSA Screening

Have it Accessible: Pack your MacBook in a way that allows you to easily remove it for screening.

Charge It Up: A powered on device is easier for agents to identify. A completely dead MacBook might prompt slightly more scrutiny.

Remove Bulky Cases: If you have a thick case, remove it before sending your laptop through the X-ray machine.

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