Beware! Google Voice Numbers Expire

Yes, Google Voice numbers generally expire as long as you don’t use them occasionally. Google does reserve the right to reclaim inactive numbers but there’s no set timeframe for this.

Google Voice Usage Guidelines

According to Google’s support page, here’s how to keep your Google Voice number active.

– Make or receive calls at least once every 3 months. Sending and receiving text messages also count towards keeping your number active.

– Verify your Google Voice number with a text message to your mobile phone. This shows you have control over both the Google Voice number and the associated phone.

Reclaiming Inactive Numbers

If you don’t use your Google Voice number for an extended period, Google will reclaim it and reassign it to someone else. While there’s no specific inactivity timeframe that triggers this you should make a quick call or send a text message at least once every few months to make sure your number stays active.

Important Things

Porting In Protection: If you’ve ported your mobile number into Google Voice it’s less likely to be reclaimed.

Notifications: Rarely Google will send you an email warning before they reclaim an inactive number.

Reclaiming an Expired Number: You have a short window (around 45 days) to try and recover a reclaimed Google Voice number.

Best Practices

Set Reminders: Use your calendar or a reminder app to nudge yourself to make a call or send a text from your Google Voice number every couple of months

Use It for More: Try integrating Google Voice into your regular communication. This could be for 2 factor authentication, leaving voicemails or forwarding calls from another number.

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