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Can You Add More RAM to the PS5?

You cannot directly upgrade the RAM in your PS5.

Soldered Design: The PS5’s RAM is soldered directly onto the main motherboard. This means it’s not designed for user replacement or expansion.

System Architecture: The PS5’s hardware and software are engineered to work perfectly fine with its specific amount of RAM (16GB).

Adding more wouldn’t necessarily offer performance benefits and could be a wildcard to the system’s stability.

Focus on Storage: Sony opted for an expandable storage solution with the PS5, allowing you to install a compatible M.2 SSD to increase space for games.

Why This Design Choice?

Performance Optimization: A fixed RAM configuration allows Sony to fine tune the PS5’s memory management system.

Cost and Space: Upgradeable RAM would increase the complexity and cost of the console’s design.

Reliability: Soldered RAM comes with a more reliable and consistent experience for everyone using a PS5.

What Can You Do?

Use the SSD Expansion: Take advantage of the extra storage space an M.2 SSD provides. You can even move games directly to the SSD and play them at near native speeds.

Manage Your Games: Think of what you have installed. Delete games you’re not playing to free up internal storage.

While RAM upgrades are a PC standard, consoles take a more streamlined approach. Sony’s focus on expandable SSD storage is a practical way to address the need for more space on the PS5.

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