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Can You Upgrade the SSD on an Xbox?

Official Stance

Not User Friendly: Microsoft does not officially support user upgrades of the internal SSD in the Xbox Series X/S.

Warranty Warning: Opening the console and replacing the internal drive will void your warranty.

Technical Possibility

Proprietary SSD: Xbox uses a custom NVMe SSD with a unique connector. You can’t just buy a standard off the shelf drive.

Expansion Card Slot: Microsoft partnered with Seagate to make official expandable storage cards. These are super easy to use but quite expensive.

Limited Success: Some tech enthusiasts have managed to source compatible SSDs and adapters successfully expanding their internal storage. This is very niche, requires technical expertise and has varying levels of reliability.

Should You Attempt It?

ONLY If You’re Very Brave: This is an advanced procedure. There’s a high risk of damaging your console and finding compatible hardware is already tricky.

Warranty is Gone: Proceed knowing there’s no safety net if things go wrong.

Limited Benefit: While a larger internal SSD is useful the official expansion cards offer pretty fast load times themselves.


External Hard Drive: For storing older games (Xbox One, 360, original Xbox) an external USB hard drive is cheap and effective.

However, you’ll have to transfer titles to the internal SSD or an expansion card to play them.

Official Expansion Card: The most straightforward but rather expensive way to get more fast storage fully compatible with Xbox Series X/S optimized games.

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