cannot load such file – sassc Error in Ruby

This error shows up when you’re trying to use the Sass CSS preprocessor in a Ruby environment.

Make Sure the sassc gem is Installed in the First Place

gem install sassc

On Ubuntu/Debian, Run:

sudo apt-get install build-essential

On macOS with Homebrew:

brew install gcc

If You’re Using Bundler, Add sassc to Your Gemfile

gem 'sassc'

Then run bundle install.

Ruby Version Compatibility

Continue by looking at your Ruby version. Sassc requires Ruby 2.0.0 or later so sometimes it will have compatibility issues with older Ruby versions.

Check your Ruby version with:

ruby --version

PATH issues

Make sure that your Ruby gems bin directory is in your PATH.

You can check your gem path with:

gem environment

Look for the “EXECUTABLE DIRECTORY” line and make sure it’s in your PATH.

Make sure your PATH is set correctly to include the gem’s binary directory.

If you’re using a specific framework like Rails, make sure it’s configured to use sassc properly.

Framework Specific Configurations

  • For Rails 5.1+, sassc-rails is used by default.

Make sure it’s in your Gemfile in the first place:

gem 'sassc-rails'

  • For older Rails versions or other frameworks, you’ll need to explicitly require sassc in your configuration files.

Other System Level Issues

On some systems you will need to install libsass separately.

On Ubuntu/Debian:

sudo apt-get install libsass-dev

On macOS with Homebrew:

brew install libsass

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