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Do You Actually Need More Than 2TB of Storage?

There are three main things that will determine whether you need more than 2TB of storage: games, video footage and specific professional software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Visual Studio. In most households and professional environments, these 3 are the biggest consumers of storage. So if you shoot a lot of video footage, you play a lot of different games and you have many types of professional software on your PC, the answer is likely yes.

But Here’s a Way to Check if You Actually Need More Than 2TB of Storage

1. Current Usage

Check your storage usage on all of your devices including phones. If you’re using less than 800GB overall, 2TB will be overkill for the foreseeable future unless you can see your storage demand growing very fast.

2. Type of Files

  • Videos: 1 hour of 4K video will take about 40GB. Just imagine if you shoot a couple hours of 4K video, you’ll already start sweating only having 2TB of storage available.
  • High resolution photos: A 20MP RAW file is about 25MB.
  • Games: Modern games are easily 50 to 100GB each but we see the trend going up to 200GB these days. Fortnite, for example, when including all expansions takes over 100GB of storage.
  • Software: Professional software like video editors can use 40-50 GB each if not more.

3. Future Needs

Think of your habits. Are you likely to accumulate more files especially videos or games? Will you start new hobbies or projects that require more storage? Then the price right now is probably worth going a bit over 2TB especially since storage prices have been going down quite a bit. From personal experience I can tell you that 2TB is kind of low these days even for medium to light PC users.

4. Backup Requirements

If you plan to use this storage for backups, 2TB is okish for multiple full system images and file histories. If you have other devices like your phones that need to be backed up and you’re planning on using the same 2TB of storage then that quickly becomes tight.

5. Cost Comparison

The trick that few people know about is to always compare the price per GB whenever you’re trying to buy an internal or external drive. Larger drives have better value even if you don’t need all the space immediately. So if you see your storage needs growing faster than you expected after you calculated your storage fill (as we said earlier) then try to get one of the larger drives that offers a better price per GB.

6. Performance

Larger SSDs will sometimes offer better performance, especially when they’re nearly full. Also if you have the money required for it, always choose an SSD, especially considering that SSDs have been getting cheaper and cheaper these days. The speed difference between SSDs and HDDs is so significant that you will really thank yourself later for making that decision.

7. Longevity

SSDs last longer if they’re not filled to capacity. A larger drive also gives you more headroom. However, it’s a well known fact at this point that SSDs do fatigue over time and have bad blocks after many years of use. Not that HDDs don’t also have these issues, but with SSDs there is only a limited number of reads/writes that can happen to a block before it goes bad. So if you know that you’ll be able to store the HDD properly and not physically damage it and you absolutely need longevity over speed, an HDD will be a cheaper and better choice.

8. Convenience

With more than 2TB, you’re less likely to run out of space at the wrong time or if you need to manage your storage frequently. So consider the convenience aspect if you’re thinking whether to go over the 2TB mark.

2TB Is a Good Choice For

  • If you’re a professional who is working with large files all the time and professional software that takes up a lot of space.
  • If you’re a gamer and you have large Steam, local and Epic Libraries.
  • If you have a large media collection especially Full HD and 4K videos. Think of dashcam footage for example. If you want to save it for a few years it will quickly go over 2TB.
  • If you prefer to be on the side of having extra space at any time.

2TB Will be Excessive For

  • Light computer users who mainly browse the web and use office applications. If for example your work could be easily done from a Chromebook without feeling the difference, then 2TB is more than enough for you.
  • If you primarily use cloud storage.
  • If you have a small budget and you could put the extra money to better use somewhere else.

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