How to Access the BIOS on an ASUS Laptop

Method 1: Function Key at Startup

Power Down or Restart: Fully shut down your laptop if it’s on or initiate a restart.

Power On: Turn your laptop back on by pressing the power button.

Rapidly Tap the Key: As soon as your laptop starts repeatedly press the ASUS BIOS entry key.

The BIOS keys for ASUS laptops are:

  • F2 (most common)
  • Delete
  • Esc (Less common)

BIOS Screen: If you timed it correctly you’ll enter the BIOS setup utility.

Method 2: Windows Settings (Windows 10/11)

Access Settings: Open the Windows Settings menu (Windows key + I or through the Start Menu).

Update and Security (Windows 10): Click Update & Security, then choose Recovery from the sidebar.

Advanced Startup: Click the Restart Now button within the Advanced Startup section.

Path to BIOS: Troubleshoot –> Advanced Options –> UEFI Firmware Settings –> Restart. Your laptop will reboot into the BIOS.

Important Things

Speed is Key: Modern laptops boot fast. Be ready to press the BIOS key repeatedly immediately after powering on.

Windows Requirements: Method 2 relies on your Windows installation being functional. If your system won’t boot, method 1 is your only option.

Other Tips

ASUS Manual: Check your laptop’s manual. The user guide, usually available on the ASUS website for your model for the exact BIOS key.

Stuck? If no keys work try rapidly tapping different function keys like F2, F10, F12, Del and Esc.

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