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How to Change D-Link Router IP Address

Why Change the IP Address?

Avoiding Conflicts: If multiple devices on your network have the same IP address, conflicts will usually come out. Changing the router’s IP will help with this.

Network Organization: Selecting a specific IP range for your router can make your network easier to manage especially for larger or more complex setups.


Find the Default Gateway: This is your D-Link router’s current IP address. Type in or first in your browser before going through this step. If one of these IP addresses took you to the D-Link router login page jump to the “Accessing Your Router Interface” step.


  • Open a command prompt (search for ‘cmd’).
  • Type ipconfig and press Enter.

Look for “Default Gateway”, the listed IP address is your router’s.


  • Go to the Apple Menu –> System Preferences –> Network
  • Select your internet connection (Wi-Fi or Ethernet)
  • Click “Advanced” –> “TCP/IP” tab –> your router’s IP is beside “Router”.

Accessing Your Router’s Interface

Web Browser: Open your web browser.

Address Bar: Enter the Default Gateway IP address you just found. If you weren’t able to find it, for most D-Link Routers it’s either or

Login Credentials: Enter the username and password for your router’s admin interface. If you haven’t changed these from the default, you can find them on a sticker on the router itself (for D-Link routers use ‘admin’ for both the password and the user).

Changing the IP Address

Locate Settings: Go to your D-Link router settings. The exact location will change depending on your D-Link router model. Look for sections named:

  • “Setup”
  • “Network Settings”
  • “LAN” or “Local Network”

Router IP/LAN IP: Find the setting labeled “Router IP” or “LAN IP”.

Enter the New IP: Type in the new IP address you want your router to have. Make sure it’s in the same subnet as your other devices (the first three numbers are usually the same, e.g.,

Save and Apply: Click “Save” or “Apply”. Your D-Link router will take a little bit to apply the changes and will reboot.

Important Things

Reconnect Your Devices: Once the router has the new IP address, you’ll need to reconnect all of your devices using the new address to access its admin interface.

Updating Bookmarks: If you bookmarked the old router IP address, update it.

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