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How to Check a Router’s Log

Steps to Access Router Logs

1. Find Router’s IP Address:

Windows: Open Command Prompt (cmd) and type ipconfig. Look for the “Default Gateway” address.

macOS: Go to System Preferences –> Network –> Advanced –> TCP/IP and find the “Router” address.

2. Web Interface:

Open a web browser and enter your router’s IP address in the address bar. It’s usually or

Log in with your router admin username and password, these might be printed on the router or found in the manual. If not, try admin for both the password and user.

3. Find the Logs:

The location of logs changes between router brands and models. Look for sections titled.

  • “Log”
  • “System Log”
  • “Administrative Event Log”
  • “Status”, “Advanced” or “Administration”

What the Logs Show

Connected Devices: A list of devices connected to your network with their IP and MAC addresses.

Internet Traffic: Websites or IP addresses visited by devices on your network. The depth of this data varies by router.

Blocked Requests: Potential intrusion attempts or blocked traffic based on your firewall rules.

Time Stamps: When specific events happened.

Router Events: System events like reboots, configuration changes and others.

Important Things

Not All Routers Log Equally: Some routers have basic logs, others have detailed records. Home oriented routers usually keep minimal logs.

Log Types: There might be different categories of logs like security logs, traffic logs, system logs.

Privacy: Be careful that these logs can contain information about browsing habits of those using the network and think about the morality and legality of stalking this data.

Troubleshooting Use Cases

Identifying Unknown Devices: Check if unauthorized devices are connected to your network.

Monitoring Internet Activity: General oversight especially on networks with children.

Troubleshooting Connection Issues: See if there are error messages or blocked connections that cause problems.

Other Tips

Router Manual: Consult your manual for specific instructions on finding and understanding your router’s logs.

Log Storage: Some routers only store logs in memory and lose them on reboot, while others allow saving them to a file.

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