How to Copy a GIF

Method 1: Save the GIF File

Find the GIF: Find the GIF on a website, social media platform or Giphy.

Right Click: Right click directly on the GIF.

Save Option: Select Save Image As… or a similar option.

Choose Location: Pick a folder on your computer and give the GIF a descriptive name.

It’s Yours: Now you have a copy of the GIF file to use.

Method 2: Copy the GIF Link

Find the Source: Right click on the GIF.

Copy Link Address (or similar): This copies the direct URL to the GIF file itself.

Paste and Share: Paste this link into messages, emails etc. The recipient will see the GIF when they access the link but some platforms might display it inline. So your recipient might have to copy the URL and paste it into their own browser.

Method 3: Screen Recording Tools

Short GIFs: Use simple screen recording or GIF creation tools (many built into your OS or available online).

Record the Area: Record the GIF as it’s playing.

Instant GIF: This creates a new GIF file on your computer.

Watch Out for Copyright

Copyright: Be careful of the GIF’s origin and copyright status. If you’re not sure it’s always better to share by linking back to the original source.

Platform Specifics: Some social media sites or apps have dedicated buttons or tools to save or share GIFs directly.

Copying vs. Using: Copying the GIF doesn’t always mean you have the right to use it within your own content.

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