How to Disable SMS Texts on iPhone

Ditching the SMS Notification Noise

Settings: Go into your iPhone’s Settings app.

Notifications: Scroll down and click on Notifications.

Messages: Find Messages in the app list and click on it.

Toggle It: Here you can disable notifications entirely by switching off the toggle next to Allow Notifications. You can also customize the notification style (banners, sounds, badges) or silence them for a scheduled time.

Blocking Unwanted Texters

Messages App: Open the iMessage app or the Messages app where you receive your texts.

The Conversation: Find the conversation thread with the number you want to block.

Contact Info: Click on the contact name or number at the top of the conversation.

Block Contact: Scroll down and tap on Block Contact. Confirm your choice when prompted.

Taking it a Step Further: Disabling SMS Completely (Use with Caution)

Be aware: This is a nuclear option and prevents you from receiving any SMS messages even from important contacts.

Settings: Open your iPhone’s Settings app.

Messages: Scroll down and click on Messages.

Send as SMS: Look for the Send as SMS option. This setting is usually enabled by default.

Turning it Off: Toggle the switch next to Send as SMS to the off position.

This disables SMS functionality, but here’s the catch: Your iPhone prioritizes iMessage (Apple’s messaging service).

So, if you and the recipient are both iMessage users, your messages will still go through using data or WiFi. However, if someone tries to send you a traditional SMS text it won’t be delivered.

Other Things

Carrier Dependence: Disabling SMS might affect features offered by your carrier that rely on SMS text messages like two factor authentication.

Accidental Blockade: Be careful when going the complete disablement route you might unintentionally block important messages.

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