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How to Find the PSK for WiFi

Method 1: Check the Router/Modem

Factory Sticker: Most routers and modem/router combos have a sticker with the default network information. Look for SSID (your network name) and the PSK or Security Key.

Admin Panel: Access your router’s settings (by typing or a similar address in your browser). WiFi settings usually show the PSK.

Method 2: On a Connected Device

  • Click the WiFi icon in the taskbar.
  • Right click your network and select Properties.
  • In the Security tab check Show characters next to the Network security key field.
  • Open Keychain Access (search for it in Spotlight).
  • Search for your WiFi network’s name (SSID).
  • Double click the network entry.
  • Check the Show password box (You will need your administrator password).
  • Other Devices (smartphones, tablets): WiFi settings sections usually allow you to reveal the password.

Method 3: Contact Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

If you never changed the default Wi-Fi settings your ISP saved the original PSK information. Give them a call.

Important Points

Changing the PSK: If you set the password yourself you’ll need to remember it or have it written down somewhere.

Router Reset: Performing a full reset on the router reverts it to factory defaults including the PSK back to what’s on the sticker. Only do this if necessary.

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