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How to Fix a Green Dot on a Monitor/TV

Understanding the Problem

A persistent green dot usually shows a stuck pixel.

Stuck Pixel: A pixel stuck displaying green regardless of the surrounding image content. This is different from a dead pixel which is always black indicating the end of life for that pixel.

Troubleshooting Steps

Basic Check: Signal and Connections

Source Change: Switch to a different input (cable box, game console etc.). If the dot is still there it’s likely not an issue with the source device.

Cable Check: Swap cables or try a different port. A broken cable can cause incorrect signals which is the reason why that particular pixel is behaving like that.

Pixel “Exercising” Methods

Rapid Color Changes and Pixel Testing Software: The website, the downloadable program called DPT Dead Pixel Trainer and videos designed to cycle colors quickly can sometimes unblock a green dot pixel. Search for Dead Pixel Test on YouTube. Let these run for a while.

Small Pressure: Proceed with caution. Using a very soft and lint free cloth apply extremely light pressure directly on the stuck pixel while the screen displays a solid black image. This can be risky and can damage your screen though.

Manufacturer Support

Warranty Check: If your monitor or TV is under warranty contact the manufacturer. Stuck pixels are usually covered depending on their policy.

DIY Replacement? Replacing a single pixel is technically possible but extremely difficult and not a good idea unless you have advanced electronics experience.

Important Things

Severity: A single stuck pixel is just a minor issue. If there are multiple or if it’s distracting then warranty repair or replacement is your best bet. But otherwise just ignore it.

Stuck vs. Dead: Make sure the pixel is displaying green all the time and not black. A dead pixel is a different issue that only hardware fixes will solve and it will likely not make sense to pursue from a financial perspective.

Caution: Avoid methods involving excessive pressure or sharp objects. You can easily cause more damage.

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