How to Get Spanish Subtitles on Hulu

Unfortunately, Hulu doesn’t have a streamlined way to specifically search for shows or movies with Spanish subtitles. There are a few methods to find content with Spanish subtitles though.

Method 1: Browsing and Filtering Options


Navigate to the “Latino” genre or sections like “Películas en Español” to find primarily Spanish language content likely to have subtitles.

You can filter by specific genres within these sections if you want.

Advanced Search:

While Hulu’s search bar doesn’t support filtering by subtitle language, you can search for a show or movie you know exists in Spanish.

Check the details page of the result to see if a Spanish subtitle option is available.

Method 2: Using External Resources

JustWatch (

Search for “Hulu” within the website.

Use the filters to specifically search for content with Spanish subtitles on Hulu.

Other Subtitle Websites

Some websites list movies/shows with Spanish subtitles. Find a title of interest, then check if it’s available on Hulu.

Method 3: Check Individual Titles

Details Page: When you find a show or movie, look for:

  • “CC” icon which usually indicates closed captions availability.
  • “Audio and Subtitles” section in the details to select Spanish specifically.

Important Things

Limited Selection: Hulu’s Spanish subtitled content is less extensive compared to services like Netflix.

Changes over Time: Subtitle availability and the browsing experience can evolve, so keep an eye on Hulu’s updates and features.


Requests: Contact Hulu support to request more Spanish subtitled content. More requests will influence their future decisions.

Language Learning: Even if your primary goal isn’t Spanish subtitles, watching shows with both Spanish audio and subtitles can be a helpful language learning tool.

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