How to Increase FPS in Fortnite

1. In Game Graphics Settings

  • Resolution: Lowering this has a HUGE impact on FPS. Use 1080p instead of 4K or even 720p for a massive boost if you have older hardware.
  • View Distance: Dial this down. Most competitive players actually run very low viewing distance to increase clarity and maintain high FPS in most scenarios.
  • Shadows: Off or Low. Shadows are resource hungry and they have a small impact on competitive gameplay anyway.
  • Anti-Aliasing: Off or Low. Try multiple ranges on the scale to find a balance between visuals and performance that is bearable.
  • Textures: Medium or Low. Can free up precious VRAM on your graphics card.
  • Effects: Off or Low. Less explosions and visual clutter means more frames.
  • Post Processing: Keep this at Low or even Off.

2. Fortnite’s Advanced Settings

Performance Mode: Found under 3D Resolution it switches Fortnite to a low poly visual style for a massive FPS boost, especially on lower end systems and graphics cards.

DirectX Version: Switch to DirectX 11 if you have an older graphics card. Sometimes this yields better performance than DX12.

3. System Optimizations

Background Tasks: Close everything you don’t need while playing. Browsers, streaming apps and other processes all steal resources.

Graphics Drivers: Make sure you have the latest drivers for your GPU (NVIDIA, AMD or Intel) installed. For example Intel just recently delivered a massive boost to its Arc GPU’s through a driver update.

Windows Game Mode: This can sometimes be detrimental in Fortnite. Try disabling it in your Windows settings.

Power Plan (Laptops): Use the “High Performance” power plan.

4. Get New Hardware

Graphics Card: The most impactful component for Fortnite FPS. Buy a new GPU that can handle higher FPS even in 1440p or 4K.

RAM: Make sure you have enough to run Fortnite and Windows comfortably. 8GB is a bare minimum but 16GB is pretty much the standard these days.

Storage: Running Fortnite on an SSD vs. a traditional hard drive will improve loading times and FPS so much that it’s not even funny. It will also reduce stuttering during game play.

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