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How to Install SSD in PS5

Before You Start

Compatibility is Important: Make sure your SSD meets the PS5’s requirements. It needs to be an NVMe PCIe Gen4x4 M.2 SSD with a heatsink and meet or exceed the PS5’s performance specs.

Data Backup: Back up any important game data to the cloud (if you have PS Plus) or an external drive.

Power Down: Completely turn off your PS5 and unplug it from the power outlet. Let it cool down.

Grounded and Steady: Work on a clean and flat surface. Ground yourself to prevent static discharge which could damage components.

Installation Steps

Remove the Cover: Lay the PS5 on its side, logo facing down. Grip the top right corner of the cover and pull and lift it towards the bottom left.

Locate the Expansion Slot: Remove the screw from the slot cover and lift it off.

Remove the Spacer Screw: Unscrew and remove the spacer and set it aside.

Align and Insert SSD: Align the SSD with the connector. Tilt the SSD down and properly push it into the connector until you hear a click.

Secure the SSD: Place the spacer back in the hole that aligns with the size of your SSD. Insert the screw and tighten until secure.

Replace the Covers: Attach the expansion slot cover and secure it with its screw. Finally, slide the console’s cover back into place.

Power Up and Format: Connect your PS5 to power and turn it on. The system should detect your SSD and prompt you to format it. Follow the on screen instructions.

Important Things

Don’t force components, especially when inserting the SSD.

Heatsink Matters: Using an SSD without a heatsink can cause overheating and damage your drive and sometimes your PS5.

Manufacturer Instructions: Consult your specific SSD’s manual for other instructions or tips.

After Installation

Transfer Games: Now you can move games between your internal storage and the new SSD within the PS5’s settings.

Enjoy the Extra Space: Install more games and experience faster storage performance.

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