How to Make a PDF Darker

Method 1: Using a PDF Editor

Software like Adobe Acrobat or UPDF come with precise image adjustment tools.

Adobe Acrobat:

  • Open the PDF.
  • Go to Tools –> Edit PDF.
  • Right click on an image and select “Edit Image” or navigate to “Edit Object” in the sidebar.
  • Adjust brightness and contrast sliders until you have the darkness you want.
  • Save the changes.


  • Open the PDF and go to the “Edit PDF” section.
  • Double click on an area with text or an image.
  • In the pop up menu, select “Properties”.
  • Adjust brightness, contrast or color levels to your liking.
  • Save your edited PDF.

Method 2: Adding a Dark Background

This works best if you want a consistent dark background across the PDF.

  • PDF Editing Software: Use software like Adobe Acrobat or UPDF.
  • Page Tools: Go to the “Page Tools” section or similar.
  • Add Background: Select “Add Background” or a similar option.
  • Color: Choose a dark color.
  • Opacity: If desired, adjust the opacity of the background to partially see underlying content.
  • Apply: Apply the background to all pages or a selected range.

Method 3: Online Tools

Some websites offer simple PDF editing without installing software.

Sejda Online PDF Editor ( Upload your file, adjust brightness and contrast, and then download the edited PDF.

Smallpdf ( Similar to Sejda, providing basic image editing capabilities.

Canva ( Great overall tool with a fantastic looking interface.

Method 4: Printing and Rescanning

This is a workaround if other methods fail.

– Increase the print density or darkness settings on your printer.

– Print the PDF.

– Rescan the printed pages to create a new PDF with darker content.

Important Things

Original File: Some PDFs might have low quality images or text that limit how well you’ll get results.

Choose the right solution:

For precise control over the entire image, use a PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat or UPDF.

If a quick and simple solution is enough, try the online tools.

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