How to Play Minecraft on Mac

1. Choose Your Edition: Java or Bedrock

Java Edition: The original, extremely moddable version. This one is best if you want the full flexibility of community mods, play on classic servers or prioritize older custom Minecraft experiences.

Bedrock Edition: Also known as “Minecraft for Windows”. Designed for cross play with other platforms like consoles and mobile devices. You can find it on the Mac App Store. Can still be modded but its ecosystem is less extensive than Java.

2. Purchase and Download

Java Edition
  • Go to the Minecraft website (
  • Click “Get Minecraft” and follow the steps to create an account and purchase the Java Edition.
  • Download the installer and run it.
Bedrock Edition

Find “Minecraft” on the Mac App Store, purchase it and download directly from the store.

Also, it’s sometimes bundled with the “Minecraft Starter Collection” on the Microsoft website.

3. Launch the Game

Once installed: Look for the Minecraft Launcher. This is where you’ll log in with your Minecraft account credentials.

Select Your Version: The launcher will let you choose between Java or Bedrock if you have both installed.

Play: Hit the big green “Play” button, and Minecraft should start.

Important Things

System Requirements: Make sure your Mac meets the minimum requirements, especially for Java Edition. Find those on the Minecraft website.

Mods (Java Only): If you want to install mods you’ll need a mod loader like Forge or Fabric.

Tips for Smooth Minecraft Gameplay

Close Background Apps: Free up resources for Minecraft.

Optifine (Java Only): It’s a fantastic optimization mod if you need an FPS boost.

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