How to Play The Witcher on Mac

Method 1: Native Mac Versions (Only the First and Second Games)

The Witcher Enhanced Edition: Available on the Mac App Store and Steam but it’s only the first game.

The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings: Some older Macs might be able to run it with low settings but you’ll need to check the system requirements. Available on Steam and the Mac App Store.

Method 2: The Game Porting Toolkit

This is a little bit more complicated but if you want to run newer versions like The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt locally this is the only way:

1. Go to this URL: and it should start downloading a .dmg file.

2. Go to your Downloads and open the .dmg file that you just downloaded.

3. Run the *Game porting toolkit installer* inside the .dmg file and leave all the checks that say *Install Homebrew*, *Install Wine*, etc. marked and go through the prompts of the installer.

4. After you’re done with that, go to this URL and click download.

5. Install the Heroic Games Launcher and sign in with your Epic Account.

6. Search for The Witcher 3 and install it.

7. In the game window after you’ve installed it click on Settings and select *Gaming Toolkit Standalone Wine*.

8. Boom, you now should be able to launch the game and start playing it. You actually can start playing any Epic games you have in your library using this method, not just The Witcher.

Method 3: GeForce NOW

GeForce Now is a service that streams games from Nvidia’s servers to your Mac and it supports playing The Witcher 3.

Requirements: You’ll need a super fast and stable internet connection usually above 200 Mbps download/upload or more.

Subscription: GeForce NOW will cost money.

Method 4: Boot Camp for Intel Based Macs

Run Windows: Install Windows on a partition of your Mac using Boot Camp for native Windows performance.

Downside: Requires space dedicated to Windows and rebooting to switch.

Method 5: Parallels (Virtualization)

Run Windows within macOS: Software like Parallels lets you run Windows and The Witcher games within a virtual environment on your Mac at the same time.

Performance: Less demanding games will run decently but newer ones including The Witcher will depend on your Mac’s chip. If you have one of the newer M2 or M3 Max or Ultra it will work okish.

Your Mac’s Specs: Newer and more powerful Macs with the M2 and M3 chips will have a better experience, especially with Parallels.

Game Ownership: If you already own The Witcher on a platform like GOG or Steam, you’ll need to check if a Mac version is included or if you need to repurchase.

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