How to Reset an EC2 Instance in AWS

Access the AWS Management Console

  • Log in to your AWS account
  • Go to the EC2 dashboard

1. Find the Instance

  • In the EC2 dashboard, find the *Instances* section
  • Find the instance you want to reset

2. Do the Reset

  • Select the instance by checking the box next to its name
  • Click the *Instance state* dropdown menu
  • Choose *Reboot instance*
  • Confirm the action in the dialog box that appears

3. Wait for the Reset Cycle to Finish

  • The instance status will change to *Rebooting*
  • Wait for the status to return to *Running*

Other Reset Methods

1. Using AWS CLI

If you prefer command interfaces use the AWS CLI command.

aws ec2 reboot-instances --instance-ids i-1234567890abcdef0

Replace i-1234567890abcdef0 with your actual instance ID.

2. Forced Stop and Start

If a standard reboot doesn’t solve the problem you can try stopping and starting the instance.

  • Click the instance
  • Choose *Instance state* –> *Stop instance*
  • After it stopped, click *Instance state* –> *Start instance*

If you still have problems after a reset.

  • Check security groups and network ACLs
  • Look at instance logs in the EC2 console
  • Update to the last AMI version

Other Important Stuff

Auto Scaling Groups: If your instance is part of an Auto Scaling group, think about how a reset might affect the group’s behavior first.

Elastic IP: If you’re using an Elastic IP it will stay associated with your instance through a reset.

EBS-backed vs. Instance Store: There are some implications that come with resets on different storage types.

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