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How to Sync/Connect PS4/PS5 Controller Without USB

The Computer Connection Solution That Works 99% of the Time

On your computer download the PS4/PS5 Remote Play from Turn on your PS4/PS5 and plug the controller into your computer after installing the program and signing in. Navigate to Accessory Settings on the Play Station and then you should be able to sync the controller through Bluetooth without USB once you’re there.

If you don’t have a keyboard or an already connected controller: If you have some other type of remote, a remote play device or even a Nintendo Switch that is already connected you can still do it without using that small annoying USB cable that we all lost already. On the PS go to Settings –> Devices –> Bluetooth. Press the share button on the controller for a couple of seconds and wait for the pairing mode to show up on the PS Bluetooth list. Then you can select it and pair wirelessly.

Steps if You Already Have One Connected Controller

Enable Pairing Mode on your Controller: Press and hold the PS button (the one between the analog sticks) and the Share button (small button to the left of the touchpad) at the same time. The light bar on your controller will begin flashing fast.

Navigate to Bluetooth Settings on your PS4: Using the connected controller or a keyboard go to the PS main menu. Select Settings –> Devices –> Bluetooth Devices.

Search for the Controller: Your PS4/PS5 will start scanning for Bluetooth devices. Your wireless PS4/PS5 controller will appear in the list. Usually it will be named Wireless Controller.

Pair the Controller: Select the Wireless Controller from the list on your PS4 or PS5. The PS4/PS5 will initiate the pairing process. This can take a few seconds.

Enjoy Wireless Freedom: When the light bar on your controller stops flashing and turns a solid color it’s successfully paired. You can now disconnect the original controller or keyboard and use your newly-synced controller.

Troubleshooting Tips

Controller Battery: Make sure your controller has sufficient charge. If the battery is low it will not connect.

Resetting the Controller: If you’re facing issues try resetting your controller. There’s a small reset button on the back near the L2 trigger. Use a paperclip or similar sharp object to press it for a few seconds.

Check for Interference: Other wireless devices will cause interference. Try moving the controller closer to the PS4/PS5 or turning off other Bluetooth devices altogether.

Note: To pair other PS4/PS5 controllers wirelessly you can now use your newly connected wireless controller to navigate the PS4/PS5 Settings menu instead of needing a wired controller or keyboard.

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