How to Transfer Phone Number to Boost Mobile

Method 1: During Activation

Boost Mobile makes transferring your number convenient by allowing you to do it online during the activation process.

1. Have your information ready:

  • Your current phone number
  • Your account number and PIN from your current carrier (contact them if you don’t know it)
  • The exact name on your current carrier’s account
  • The exact billing address on your current carrier’s account (including zip code)
  • Your SSN on file with your current carrier (sometimes required)

2. Go to Boost Mobile’s activation page:

3. Choose “Keep Existing Number” during activation. Boost Mobile will handle contacting your current carrier to initiate the transfer.

4. Complete the activation process: Follow the instructions to activate your new Boost Mobile service with your transferred number.

Method 2: By Contacting Boost Mobile (if online activation method fails)

If you get error messages using the online activation method, you can call Boost Mobile directly.

Call Boost Mobile: Reach out to their customer service at 1-833-50-BOOST (1-833-502-6678).

Provide your information: Have the same details ready as in method 1 (your current number, carrier info, etc.)

Request number transfer: Inform the customer service representative that you want to transfer your number to Boost Mobile and they will guide you through the process.

Important Things

Transfer Time: The transfer process usually takes between instant to 4 and 24 hours, but it can sometimes take even longer depending on some specific technicalities.

Stay with current carrier until transfer is complete: Don’t cancel your service with your current provider until you receive confirmation that your number transfer to Boost Mobile is successful.

Fees: Some carriers might charge a fee for transferring your phone number. Check with your current provider about any potential fees.

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