How to Turn SMS Off on an Android Phone

Scenario 1: Block Messages from a Specific Number or Contact

Open Your Messaging App: Go to the app you use for texting. This could be the default Messages app or something like Google Messages.

Find the Conversation: Find the thread with the number or contact you want to block.

Access Options: Usually you can click on the conversation or a three dot menu icon next to it to open the options.

Look for Block: Options will include Block Number, Details or Block and Report Spam. Select the blocking option you want.

Scenario 2: Disable ALL SMS Notifications

Settings: Open your Android phone’s main Settings app.

Apps and Notifications: Find the section named Apps and Notifications or something similar.

Your Messaging App: Find your SMS app again, could be Messages, Google Messages and click on it.

Notifications: There should be a Notifications section. Click on it to find notification settings specific to that app.

Toggle It Off: Look for the toggle to turn off notifications or disable individual categories of notifications from your messaging app.

Scenario 3: Completely Disable SMS Functionality (Caution)

Settings: Go back into your Android phone’s main Settings app.

Apps and Notifications: Find that Apps and Notifications section.

Find Your Message App: Select your main SMS app.

Disable: You should see a Disable or Force Stop option.

WARNING: This will prevent you from receiving any text messages at all, even the ones you want. Proceed with caution.

Important Things

App Variations: The exact steps will slightly differ depending on whether you have a Samsung, a Google Pixel or the tens of other types of Android phones that have custom UIs.

RCS: If you’re trying to disable newer RCS chat features (like read receipts, typing indicators), those settings are within your messaging app itself not the system wide notification settings.

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