How to Update Drivers in Ubuntu

1. Automatic Updates (Usually the Easiest)

Software Updater: Ubuntu typically includes driver updates along with system and application updates in its *Software Updater* utility.

Open the *Software Updater* from your applications menu.

Check for updates and install the available ones.

2. Additional Software and Updates

Proprietary Drivers: Ubuntu offers tools for easily managing proprietary drivers, mainly for graphics cards.

Open *Software and Updates* from your applications menu.

Go to the *Additional Drivers* tab.

If recommended proprietary drivers are available for your hardware (mainly NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards), you can install them from this interface.

3. Terminal (For More Control)

Identify Devices: Use commands to list devices needing potential updates:

lspci -k – Lists PCI devices and the kernel modules currently in use

lsusb – Lists USB devices

Update and Upgrade: Update package lists and upgrade installed packages. This will include newer drivers in the repositories.

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade

4. Manually from Manufacturer

Situational: In some cases, the latest driver is only available directly from the hardware manufacturer’s website. This is usually the case for very new hardware or specialized drivers.

Instructions: Follow instructions provided by the manufacturer because the installation process is device specific.

Special Cases

Kernel Updates: Many drivers are built directly into the Linux kernel. Updates arrive through standard Ubuntu updates.

Open Source Drivers: These are usually maintained well within Ubuntu’s repositories.

Extreme bleeding edge Hardware: This will necessitate more manual methods and building drivers from source.

Important Things

Backups: Create a system restore point or backup before major updates in case something goes wrong.

Graphics Card Drivers: Take extra care. Installing incorrect drivers will cause display issues and crash your games or programs.

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