How to View the Login History on an Android Phone

Android doesn’t have a centralized, built in feature to view a complete login history of the device itself.

Google Account Login History Is One of the Closest Things You’ll Get to Login History

  • Go to Settings –> Google –> Manage your Google Account
  • Tap *Security*
  • Scroll to *Your devices* and tap *Manage devices*
  • See where and when you logged into your Google account. There should be a fairly big list of ip addresses and devices.

App Installation History

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Tap your profile icon –> Manage apps and device –> Manage
  • Tap *Installed* and change it to *Not installed*

Chrome Browsing History

  • Open Chrome
  • Tap the three dot menu –> History
  • If Chrome was the main browser you’ve been using on your Android this history will give you some precious information about what was searched on the device. This includes searches on the Google Search bar that is common on most Android phones. That search bar is actually routed through a Chrome window.

WiFi Connection History

  • Settings –> Network and Internet –> WiFi
  • Tap *Saved networks* to see previously connected networks

Device Unlock History

  • Settings –> Security –> Device admin apps
  • Look for *Find My Device* which logs when your phone was unlocked
  • If Find My Device wasn’t configured or turned on before you’ll have to enable it

Location History

  • Open Google Maps
  • Tap your profile picture –> Your Timeline
  • If this wasn’t enabled you’ll have to enable it
  • You won’t be able to see previous Location History if this feature was turned off, only from the moment you enable it

Battery Usage History

  • Settings –> Battery –> Battery usage

App Usage History

  • Settings –> Digital Wellbeing and parental controls
  • Turn this feature on if it’s not enabled and you’ll get app usage history

Notification History

  • Settings –> Notifications –> Notification history
  • This feature needs to be enabled first, but once it’s active, it logs all notifications for a set period like 24 hours.

Voice Command History

  • Open Google app –> Tap your profile picture –> Settings –> Voice
  • Tap *Voice and Audio Activity* to see or delete voice commands

Keyboard Learned Words

  • Settings –> System –> Languages and input –> Personal dictionary
  • This shows words you’ve used a lot or you manually added to your keyboard’s dictionary

Bluetooth Device History

  • Settings –> Connected devices –> Connection preferences –> Bluetooth
  • Look for *Previously connected devices*

App Permissions History

  • Settings –> Privacy –> Permission manager
  • This shows which apps have used specific permissions recently

Developer Options Usage

  • Enable Developer Options by going to Settings –> About Phone –> Build Number –> Tap the build number multiple times until a message pops up.
  • Then go to Settings –> System –> Developer options
  • Scroll to *Running services* to see background processes

Limitations on Device Wide Logins

Privacy and Efficiency: Tracking all device unlocks would impact battery life and could have privacy implications.

Android Fragmentation: Different Android versions and manufacturer customizations make a universal solution difficult.

ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) for developers will allow you to extract some system log data but you’ll need some technical expertise and you’ll have to connect your phone to a computer.

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