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Is Intel Still Producing Celeron CPUs?

While the classic Celeron name is being retired, Intel still produces processors filling the same market niche.

Celeron’s Retirement: In 2023, Intel streamlined its product branding. The iconic Pentium and Celeron names were phased out for laptops in favor of the simpler Intel Processor designation.

The Low End Lives On: Celeron processors were known as affordable entry level options. That need still exists so Intel continues to produce processors for budget friendly computers.

What’s in a Name? The change is mostly about branding. Intel Processor covers a wider range of basic chips. There’s no guarantee that a laptop with an Intel Processor sticker is using a chip that would have previously been called a Celeron.

The Focus: Intel is shifting its marketing emphasis towards its higher performance product lines like Core, Evo and vPro. This doesn’t mean they’re abandoning the low end market entirely.

What to Look For: When shopping for a budget laptop, the detailed specs matter more than the simple processor name. Look at the specific chip model number (like N100 or N200), clock speed and the amount of RAM for a realistic idea of the laptop’s performance.

Will It Impact You?

Probably not significantly. If you were in the market for a basic laptop with a Celeron processor, you’ll still find affordable options. The new Intel Processor naming might be slightly less clear at a quick glance but the specific model numbers provide the best indication of performance.

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