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Is QuickTime Still Being Used?

Apple’s Support

MacOS: While QuickTime is still built into macOS, Apple has been shifting away from it.

Deprecated APIs: Starting with macOS Mojave, 32bit QuickTime technologies were deprecated, limiting compatibility with legacy applications and codecs.

AVFoundation: Apple promotes AVFoundation as the modern framework for media on macOS.

Windows: Apple officially discontinued QuickTime for Windows in 2016 and no longer provides security updates.

Why is QuickTime Still Around?

Legacy Support: Many existing applications and video files still rely on QuickTime components. Removing them entirely could break compatibility.

AV Foundation Underpinnings: Some core parts of QuickTime likely underpin the newer AVFoundation, making a clean break impossible.

Practical Implications

Mac Users: Most Mac users won’t directly interact with QuickTime. Modern apps use AVFoundation for smooth and up to date media handling.

Windows Users: Avoid QuickTime for Windows due to security vulnerabilities. Use modern media players like VLC Media Player.

Content Creators: If you still handle legacy QuickTime formats or files dependent on it, keeping a copy around within a well maintained environment can sometimes be useful.

So, Is it Still Used?

Sort of, but primarily behind the scenes on macOS for compatibility reasons. Normal use for new development or video playback isn’t actually going to be a good idea generally.

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