Turnstile is not Defined Error in Cloudflare

1. Missing Script Tag

Problem: The essential JavaScript library for Turnstile hasn’t been included on your page.

Solution: Include the following script within the <head> section of your HTML:

<script src="" async defer>

2. Incorrect Script Placement and Execution Order

Problem: Your code is attempting to use the turnstile object before the Turnstile script has fully loaded and initialized.


Make sure that the Turnstile script tag is placed in the <head> of your HTML.

Place any code that interacts with Turnstile (e.g., turnstile.render()) within a script tag below the Turnstile script or use event listeners to execute your code after the library loads:

window.addEventListener('load', function() {
// Your code using Turnstile here

3. Incorrect Site Key

Problem: The site key used in your Turnstile integration doesn’t match the one in your Cloudflare dashboard.


Obtain the correct site key from your Cloudflare dashboard (under Turnstile).

Update the site key value in your Turnstile integration code.

4. Browser Caching Issues

Problem: An outdated version of your website’s files or Turnstile’s library is cached in the user’s browser.


Instruct users to force-refresh their browser (typically Ctrl+F5 or Cmd+Shift+R).

Consider appending a version query parameter to the Turnstile script URL to force browsers to fetch the latest version.

5. Network or Browser Interference

Problem: Something’s blocking the Turnstile script from loading, like overly aggressive browser extensions or a firewall.


Temporarily disable browser extensions that might interfere.

Check if there are any firewall rules blocking the Turnstile script domain.

Debugging Tips

Open your browser’s developer console (F12). Check for errors related to Turnstile in the console.

Check the Network tab in the developer tools to ensure the Turnstile script loads successfully.

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