What Are ARF Files

ARF files (Advanced Recording Format) are files associated with Cisco’s WebEx conferencing platform.


Video Recordings: ARF files contain the video recordings of WebEx meetings. This includes the shared screen, webcam feeds and any slides presented.

Additional Data: Along with the video, ARF files store

  • Audio recordings
  • Attendee list
  • Table of contents for easy navigation
  • Chat logs
  • Questions and Answers (Q & A)
  • Shared notes or files

How ARF Files Work

Recording: When a WebEx session is recorded, the data is captured and saved in the ARF format.

Download: Hosts of WebEx meetings can download the ARF file to their computer from the WebEx website.

Playback: ARF files require Cisco’s Network Recording Player (available for Windows and macOS) or compatible third party software for opening and viewing.

Why Use ARF?

Revisiting Meetings: ARF files allow for revisiting meetings for review, training or compliance purposes.

Sharing with Others: Participants who missed the meeting or external parties can be given the ARF file for playback.

Important Things

WRF Files: WebEx also uses the WRF format. This is similar to ARF, but WRF files are created when meetings are recorded by the user directly, instead of downloaded from the server.

Conversion: You can convert ARF files to more common formats like MP4 using conversion tools, both online and third party.

Opening ARF Files:

Network Recording Player: The official software from Cisco:

Third party options: Software like VLC Media Player or online conversion tools may work, but feature support can vary.

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