What Are MHT Files

MHT (or sometimes .mhtml) files are a type of web archive format.


Complete Webpage Capture: MHT files bundle the HTML code, images, CSS, JavaScript and other resources of a webpage into a single file.

Offline Viewing: This allows a user to save a webpage and view a fully rendered version of it later, even without an internet connection.

How They Work

MHTML Encoding: The MHT format uses MIME encoding (the same technology used in email attachments) to combine multiple elements of a webpage within a single file.

Browser Compatibility: Internet Explorer was the primary browser that popularized saving pages as MHT files. Most other modern browsers can also open and display them.

Use Cases

Research: Saving articles, reference material or websites for offline use in areas with limited connectivity.

Web Scraping: Extracting a full webpage for parsing data.

Evidence: Archiving web pages for legal or documentation purposes.

Opening MHT Files


Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and most modern browsers support directly opening MHT files. All you have to do is double click the file.

Text Editors:

Since the underlying format is text based, you can use Notepad, TextEdit or similar software to view the raw source code of the MHT file.

Important Things

Security: Be cautious opening MHT files from unknown sources because they could potentially contain malicious scripts if the original source was compromised.

Editing: Editing MHT files directly can be tricky due to the encoding. Specialized tools or converting to HTML is sometimes necessary.

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