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What Does Fastly Do?

Fastly created a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and edge cloud platform.

What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

Global Distribution: CDNs have servers scattered all over the world. Your website’s content (images, videos, etc.) is cached on these servers.

Why it Matters: When someone visits your website the CDN delivers content from the server geographically closest to them. This means way faster loading times because believe it or not, the speed of light is actually not instant when the servers are thousands of miles apart. For example the speed of light takes 1.3 seconds to reach the moon from the earth. In terms of internet response times even a quarter of a second is going to cause immense lag.

Handling the Load: Major traffic spikes like during a product launch can create issues on a website. A CDN absorbs this load making sure your site doesn’t crash.

What is Edge Cloud?

Computing Beyond the CDN: Edge cloud platforms like Fastly allow you to run code closer to your users not just cache static content.

The Benefits:

Lower Latency: Run processes closer to the user for mega fast interactions, key for things like real time gaming or financial transactions.

Custom Logic: Deploy custom code to personalize content, implement security measures or handle complex logic right at the edge.

Fastly’s Specifics

Developer Friendly: Fastly is known for its powerful configuration language (VCL), giving developers great control over how content is cached and delivered.

Security Features: Protection against web attacks like DDoS, as well as traffic filtering and bot mitigation all happening at the network edge.

Reliability: Fastly has a good track record of high uptime which is crucial for companies that cannot afford downtime.

Who Uses Fastly

Content Heavy Websites: News sites, streaming platforms, Ecommerce sites where fast load times and smooth delivery are essential.

Businesses with Global Reach: If your audience is spread worldwide Fastly can dramatically reduce loading times in different regions.

Applications Requiring Low Latency: Gaming companies, financial platforms, IoT systems, anything where near instant responses are super important.

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