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What Is an RJ45 Connector

RJ45: Beyond the Name

RJ Stands for Registered Jack: This refers to a standardized interface not just the physical connector itself.

45 is the Designation: This specific interface within the RJ standard is the one commonly used for Ethernet.

What It Looks Like

8 Pins: RJ45 connectors have eight pins arranged in a specific order. This is why Ethernet cable ends have eight small metal contacts visible inside the clear connector.

Plastic Housing: The pins fit into a transparent plastic plug making it easy to see the wire order and ensuring proper connection.

Its Core Purpose

Terminating Ethernet Cables: RJ45 connectors are crimped onto the ends of twisted pair Ethernet cables (like the familiar Cat5e or Cat6 cables).

Creating Network Connections: These connectors plug into RJ45 sockets on devices like computers, routers, modems and network switches to establish wired network links.

Beyond the Basics

Wiring Standards: The colors of the wires inside the Ethernet cable follow specific standards (T568A or T568B) for proper data transmission.

Data Rates: RJ45 connectors support various Ethernet speeds from older 100 Mbps to modern Gigabit (and even faster 10 Gigabit) standards.

Shielding: Some Ethernet cables and connectors are shielded (STP) to reduce interference in certain environments.

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