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What is Intel Iris?

Intel Iris is a line of integrated graphics processors (iGPUs) found directly on Intel CPUs.

What Are Integrated Graphics?

Graphics on the CPU: An iGPU is built into the same chip as your processor unlike dedicated graphics cards (like NVIDIA or AMD) which are separate components.


Lower cost: Great for budget computers.

Smaller size: Perfect for laptops and compact PCs.

Reduced power consumption: Contributes to longer battery life in laptops.

What Iris Brings to the Table

Beyond Basic: Intel Iris goes above minimal integrated graphics, aiming for enough power to handle visually demanding tasks and some games.

Variants: There’s a range of Iris products:

  • Iris Xe: The most powerful, aimed at thin laptops that could use a bit of gaming muscle.
  • Iris Plus: A good middle ground.
  • Iris Graphics: Older, less powerful, but still more capable than standard Intel integrated graphics.

What Can Intel Iris Do?

Day to Day Tasks: Web browsing, videos, office work all run smoothly.

Content Creation: Can handle photo editing, basic video editing and even some 3D design.

Light Gaming: Older games, indie titles and less demanding esports games can be played at decent settings.

Productivity Power: Can run multiple high resolution monitors for work and multitasking.

What Intel Iris Can’t Do

Latest AAA Games: Don’t expect to play the newest blockbusters on high settings.

Heavy 3D Work: For serious video editing, complex 3D modeling, or CAD design a dedicated graphics card is still the only option.

Who is Intel Iris For?

Mainstream Users: People who want a well rounded machine not necessarily a dedicated gaming rig.

Laptop Buyers: Great for balancing portability and performance.

Budget Minded: Avoids the extra cost of a dedicated graphics card.

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