What is Linktree

Linktree is a popular tool that helps individuals and businesses streamline how they share multiple links online.

The Problem Linktree Solves

Social media platforms, especially Instagram limit where you can place clickable links. Usually you get one link in your profile bio. That’s a major headache if you want to direct followers to your:

  • Website
  • Online shop
  • Other social channels
  • Blog articles
  • Music or videos

How Linktree Works

  • Simple Signup: You create a free (or paid) Linktree account.
  • Add Your Links: Linktree provides a super easy interface for adding all the links you need to share.
  • A Single Hub: Linktree gives you a unique, customizable link starting with “”. This is the link you place in your Instagram bio or other social profiles.
  • Click and Choose: When someone clicks on your Linktree link, they land on a simple page displaying all your added links. Now they can pick where they want to go.

Linktree Features

Basic Customization: Even free accounts let you change colors, some fonts and add a profile image.

Analytics: See how many people click on your Linktree and which individual links get the most attention.

Pro Features: Paid tiers offer more design options, the ability to remove Linktree branding, video embeds and email signup integration.

Who Uses Linktree?

Influencers: Promoting various products, their own websites and other social accounts.

Businesses: Linking to online shops, contact pages, booking forms and others.

Creators: Artists, musicians, anyone who wants a single place to showcase their work across the web.

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