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What Is Microsoft Clarity?

Microsoft Clarity is a free user behavior analytics tool developed by Microsoft. It’s designed to help you as a website owner and/or developer to understand how your users interact with your website.

Heatmaps: It comes with sisual representations of where your users click, scroll and spend time on internal pages.

Session Recordings: Anonymized video like recordings of user sessions, showing how users navigate through the site.

Insights Dashboard: Provides an overview of key metrics and user behavior patterns.

Privacy Focused: Designed with user privacy in mind, automatically redacting personally identifiable information especially things like credit card numbers and anything added into fields by users.

Easy Integration: Can be added to websites with a simple JavaScript snippet. Similar to the integration of Google Analytics or Statcounter. So if you know how to add those to your website you’ll follow the exact same path for Microsoft Clarity.

Free to Use: Unlike many analytics tools, Clarity is completely free with no usage limits. That’s because Microsoft wants to become a major player in the web market and challenge Google’s monopoly on search engines and analytics tools.

Compatibility: Works with many content management systems and platforms. WordPress installation is literally a couple of clicks and boom, it’s implemented and ready for testing.

Performance Impact: It’s designed to have a very small impact on website loading times but if you’ve been building websites for a while you’ll know that any type of JavaScript code will still slow down your website. If you still want to pass Google Speed Insights Web Vitals you can run a plugin that defers or delays the execution of JavaScript code. On WordPress, a very easy and efficient plugin to use for that is WP Rocket.

Filtering Capabilities: Allows filtering of data based on various criteria for more focused analysis.

Integration with Other Tools: Can be used alongside other analytics tools like Google Analytics.

Dead Clicks: Clarity identifies *dead clicks* where users click on non interactive elements, which can show you how your website design can be confusing or not matching your user expectations.

Rage Clicks: The tool detects rapid and repeated clicks in the same area which is usually a sign of user frustration or site speed issues.

Excessive Scrolling: Clarity helps you see when users scroll more than usual, which indicates a confusion about finding the content they’re looking for.

Custom Tags: Allows you to add custom tags to track specific events or user segments for more detailed analysis.

Automatic Insights: Uses AI to automatically detect and report back to you on weird patterns or issues with user behavior.

Cross Device Tracking: Gives you insights into how users interact with your site over different devices and screen sizes.

Real Time Data: Gives you near real time data, which helps you quickly find and respond to issues especially in scenarios where your immediate answer can be helpful to the user.

No Sampling: In contrasts to some other analytics tools, Clarity doesn’t sample data which actually gives you a complete picture of user behavior.

GDPR Compliance: It is technically designed to be compliant with GDPR and newer privacy regulations from other states.

JavaScript API: Comes with a JavaScript API for more advanced integrations and custom tracking.

Site Speed Analysis: Gives you insights into how your site’s speed affects user behavior and engagement.

Funnel Analysis: Helps you see where users drop off in multi step processes like checkouts or sign ups. With this data you can improve your conversions and make more money.

Export Capabilities: Allows exporting of data for analysis in other tools.

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