What Is the THB File Extension

The THB file extension has a few potential origins making it a bit trickier to identify.

1. Thumbnail File

Some image and video editing software create thumbnail image files (.THB) to allow you to preview the contents of folders with lots of media.

These files are smaller and lower resolution versions of the full image or video file speeding up browsing.

They’re often hidden files and they usually share the same name as the original file (myphoto.jpg and myphoto.thb).

You usually shouldn’t open these directly. Their purpose is for the software to use for quick previews.

2. Autodesk Thumbnail Bitmap

Autodesk the maker of CAD software like AutoCAD uses the .THB file extension for storing thumbnails of drawings.

Similar to image thumbnails, the purpose is quick visualization of files inside project directories.

Again these aren’t meant for direct opening but rather used by the Autodesk software.

3. Older Game Data

Some older computer games, especially trail camera footage viewers, used .THB files to store data likely related to short video clips.

This usage is less common now, but you might encounter old game related THB files.

How to Open .THB files

If you believe the THB file is a thumbnail the best approach is letting the associated program handle it. Open the folder containing the THB file in your image viewer or video editor and it should use the thumbnail automatically.

Attempting to open a THB file directly can lead to an error message or display garbled image data because it’s not designed to be viewed independently.

Is It Safe to Delete THB Files?

Generally, yes. Most THB thumbnail files are automatically regenerated if needed by the software.

Deleting THB files can cause slower thumbnail loading when browsing through folders inside your chosen program.

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