WiFi Icon Disappeared in Windows

This issue is actually fairly easy to fix because it almost always show up after a failed driver update disabled the WiFi adapter.

1. In the Windows Search bar search for *Device Manager*.

2. Find the section that says *Network Adapters* and click on the little arrow on the left to drop down the category.

3. Look for something called Intel WiFi Adapter or Mediatek WiFi Adapter, Qualcomm WiFi Adapter or Realtek WiFi Adapter. If none of those show up just find the one that say brand + WiFi Adapter.

4. Right click on it and select *Enable device*

5. The WiFi icon should now appear in the taskbar in the bottom right of the screen.

6. If that didn’t work, instead of *Enable device* click *Uninstall drivers* then click on *Update drivers* on the same WiFi Adapter device.

7. Restart your computer and the WiFi icon should be there now.

The Network Restart Method

If the previous method didn’t work do this:

1. In the Windows Search bar search for *Network Reset* and open it.

2. In this window you should only see a button that says *Reset Now*. Click on it and let the computer restart itself, don’t press anything else.

3. Now you should see the WiFi icon in the bottom right of the task bar.

Reinstall Windows Only as the Nuclear Option

If you tried everything and the WiFi icon is still missing try reinstalling Windows altogether. Save your files before doing that.

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